Photograph taken by Kara Wesny

Hear My Story


Below is a little blurb about me and how my design journey came to be.


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I became interested in the graphic design industry all the way back in high school while taking a communications technologies course. The amount of possibilities I could imagine with just Photoshop were endless. From then on, I tried to take any course that would relate to digital art. Yearbook class turned out to be the most important course of my high school career. I knew from that point on this was something that I wanted to start taking seriously.

I achieved a Graphic Design Advanced Diploma with Honours at Mohawk College, and have extensive knowledge in the Adobe Creative Cloud. Specializing in InDesign, Photoshop, Illustrator, DreamWeaver, Bridge. With this Advanced Diploma, I have learned apply my skills towards the digital printing industry specifically. Just two weeks after I had finished my college career, I was lucky to find placement somewhere I hope to stay and grow as a designer.


Colour Shock Media Inc. is a large format print specialist shop that deals business to business with there large printing needs. They supply visuals for the majority of the major fragrance and alcohol brands on the market for the Canadian and some United States Duty Free Store Locations, as well as airport promotional spaces. To keep is short and simple, we get to use our design and print skills to give customers the absolute quality print and designs for their specific needs.


Make sure to check out Colour Shock's Website to see everything that they accomplish there.