Welcome To My Portfolio.


Here I will post ongoing and past projects that I have been a part of. Please feel free to roam around and take a look at the various pages on this site. 



Self Portrairt


Check out the About Page for a more detailed description of my background in design.

Take a Look at Where I Work


I now work for an amazing company called Colour Shock Media Inc. located in St. Catharines, Canada where we specialize in wide format printing and design. As the design and production manager, I work on concept designs for clients, as well as ensuring the quality and sizing is at the highest quality for print production.

On top of our own in house design work, we supply visuals for most if not all of the Border Duty Free Stores across Canada, particularly in the fragrance and alcohol industry. We also look after small local businesses and are branching out to new customers all the time. 

Please check out www.colourshockmedia.ca as well as our Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram page to see past projects that we have been a part of.



Here is a little Sneak Peak of my Portfolio.

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The Shop.

Here is a small description of the items that I am able to offer at this time. If you are interested in a service, or just want to take a look at the items that I have for sale, click the button below.



This is a service that is meant to help people from local business owners, to larger companies, to someone who is starting a club, to have a face behind their ideas and make them a reality.

CRICUIT projects

A new service that I am providing are handmade goods ranging from small vinyl applications, holiday cards, to even shadow boxes. Please check out the services page to see what is available.


photoshop art

Photoshop is a passion of mine, and I enjoy using the program to help others in achieving their design needs.

All Design Needs A Little Inspiration...


When beginning a new project, my first stage in the design process is to spend way too much time on various websites to get my mind focused on the genre of the task at hand. I could spend up most to 4+ hours scrolling through images, videos, and concepts to spark the brainstorming process.

As I appreciate a good inspiration board, I will be making one my own in hopes that others will enjoy and in hopes to spark an idea for someone else who is a creator.

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Bailey's Blogs


This is something that I have never thought of, but am going to try it out. I will be making posts to go onto a blog on this website that will range in topics such as graphic design, art, my personal interests and how they impact my work, and so much more. As well as my own posts, I would like to have special guest writers make posts to be published on this page. At the current moment, I do not know how frequent these will be, but I hope to at least have new posts on a bi-weekly schedule. Please bear with me and stay tuned for some hopefully good posts.